Vortex Lighting
Lighting designs produced in our studios encompass architectural projects, theater and concert designs and lighting art installations. Anne Militello, of Vortex Lighting, is an award winning lighting designer who develops concept driven lighting projects world wide.

Artist’s Statement

Lighting design is an integral and essential part of modern design.

Light can evoke a feeling, create a sense of time and place, or change a mood. Light is the intangible layer that transforms every environment and creates the first and final impression. Creating with light involves a knowledge of science, an understanding of nature and an ability to sculpt and paint. Lighting is the emotional layer that informs every environment.

Color in light is becoming more prevalent with advances in solid state lighting. The lines between fantasy and reality are blurring.
The skylines of our cities and the interiors that we inhabit will eventually have more and more color.
Because of the power of colored light to generate feelings it is necessary to design with careful intention to ensure visual harmony. It is our responsibility, as lighting designers, to fully understand the impact of color and light and to acknowledge the cultural and emotional references.
We are also beginning to better understand the physiological effects of natural and artificial light. When we design for public spaces, we take into consideration the well-being of the individuals who inhabit the spaces we shape.
It is our goal to always keep in mind the effect that we are having on the resources of the planet. We strive to design responsibly while we go about the business of illuminating our world.
– Anne Militello