Vortex Lighting
Lighting designs produced in our studios encompass architectural projects, theater and concert designs and lighting art installations. Anne Militello, of Vortex Lighting, is an award winning lighting designer who develops concept driven lighting projects world wide.


The lighting designs created in our studio are based on years of experience in the art of theatrical and architectural design.

Our work has taken us around the world and into a variety of numerous applications. A high level of technical knowledge, together with creativity and collaboration allows us to achieve unique design solutions.

We appreciate the important impact that lighting can make and we are experienced in the craft of creating any scenario with it. The work performed in our studios encompass a variety of architectural projects, theatrical stage productions, theme park attractions and lighting art installations.

Vortex Lighting was founded in 1996 by Anne Militello and is located in Los Angeles, California. Ms. Militello founded Vortex Lighting in order to have a research and design collaborative using innovative approaches to lighting design and application.

At Vortex Lighting, we are committed to keeping up with the latest trends and technologies in every area of this rapidly changing field. In our effort to respect the environment, we understand the growing demand for energy efficient solutions and the need to control light pollution. Careful attention is paid to these issues while providing creative solutions while collaborating with our clients.

We thank you for your interest and welcome any inquiries.